A Globetrotter’s Guide to Extraordinary Cocktails and Trip-Worthy Bars

Ambitious travelers tend to attack even sightseeing with dogged diligence and intensity. Few antidotes counteract this habit better than a well-timed, well-placed, well-mixed cocktail. It can force the most intense vacationers to stop, sit and drink in their surroundings.

Here, we highlight 10 refreshments (one alcohol-free) that pair exceptionally well with sticky August evenings, served by some of our favorite bars around the world. Many of the beverages call for ingredients you’d never find at your local grocery store (see: the speculaas-flavored gum syrup featured in the Flying Dutchmen), but that’s the point: It’s how these drinks express their home turf that makes them memorable.


  1. Tahiti Nui’s Mai Tai
    Kauai, Hawaii
    In 1963, just four years after Hawaii became a state, “Aunty Louise” Marston and her husband Bruce opened Tahiti Nui in Hanalei, a beach town on Kauai’s north shore. Their Mai Tai has since become legend. The Marston family still runs the Nui, slinging the two-toned, pineapple-garnished rum drink—a concoction originally devised, it’s said, by “Trader Vic” Bergeron in Oakland, Calif.—but here made according to Aunty Louise’s secret recipe.


Best Seat in the House: You can make like George Clooney—who, in the 2011 film “The Descendants,” sat at the bar, beneath the bamboo beams—or during daylight hours, enjoy a view of the mountains from a table out on the lānai.

Prime Time: Evenings feature live music, often traditional.

Sound Bite: Let purists scoff at pineapple on pizza. Here the King of Fruits is joined with ham or Kalua Pig on a garlic-butter-brushed pie. Just don’t ask for “a Hawaiian.” It’s called the Mainland.

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