Yet Another Airport Hassle: 6 of America’s Longest Walks to the Gate

MAJOR U.S. AIRPORTS have been on a building binge lately, with so many “pardon our appearance signs” in terminals, you might feel obliged to pack a hard hat. Now that some of the biggest expansion projects are winding down, fliers are realizing a good pair of track shoes could come in handy too. Depending on where your departing flight is parked, in some terminals the hike to reach it can exceed a mile. When Salt Lake City International Airport revealed its spiffy new terminal in 2020, the buzz was all about the light and art-filled spaces and, less glowingly, the long march to the gates. Some fliers took to Twitter to complain; one user said it was like “having to train for a 5K just to get to my gate.” For the record, SLC’s longest walk is about 2/3 of a mile, and more moving walkways are in the works. Below, find some other U.S. airports notable for their marathon runs.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
Like its home state, DFW celebrates big spaces. The walk from an entrance through Terminal D to Terminal B is one of the longest airport treks in the U.S., clocking in at 2.16 miles, according to a study of airport walkathons from athletic shoe company Kuru Footwear. An airport spokesman pointed out that there are better ways to get around the complex, including a tram that connects all five terminals.

Delta’s new Terminal C at New York LaGuardia Airport. The airport nearly doubled its size after the recent $8 billion overhaul.
New York LaGuardia Airport
The recent $8 billion overhaul nearly doubled its size. Frequent fliers accustomed to sprinting from check-in to their gate in just a few minutes now have far more terrain to cover. At Delta Air Lines’ brand-new Terminal C, the walk to the most distant gates on Concourse E can take almost 30 minutes, according to airport sources.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
At this capacious complex, the farthest-flung gates are more than a mile apart. The airport is making the trek a virtue: It’s promoting the health benefits with a “Fitness Trail” map that covers the terrain from Gates A30 to D8, and helpfully pointing out landmarks like Camelback Mountain you’ll spot along the way.

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